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Wind Energy Books provides a up-to-date listing of the latest publications on generating electricity for your home or business with small wind turbines.  When we talk about small wind turbines we are referring to wind generators that produce less than 100 kilowatts of power.  They are generally designed to offset one's electric bill when connected to the grid or they can provide battery charging capabilities for off-grid applications.

The amount of power that small wind turbines can be generate depends largely upon the average wind speed for the area in which they are installed.  This average wind speed needs to be at least 10 MPH for wind generation to become economically viable.

Another consideration for systems connecting to the grid is the current rate one pays per kilowatt-hour.  If this rate is less than 10 cents per KWh it will be difficult to recover the cost of the wind turbine investment during its life cycle.  In other words it will wear out before you get your money back.

Small wind turbines have typically used a propeller or rotor mounted to a horizontal shaft to drive the generator in the past.  Now, new vertical axis turbines are beginning to appear on the market. These systems use a series of swiveling airfoils that capture the wind's energy as they swirl around a vertical shaft.  The units are more compact and quieter than their horizontal axis counterparts.

If you live in the Great Plains or the Upper Midwest of the US or a coastal or mountainous area where the wind blows steady most of the time, using it to generate your own power may be an option worth considering.  Wind Energy Books provides a great source of information that should help you find those detailed answers you are looking for...

If you would like to learn about the basics of how a small wind turbine works please visit our Wind Turbine Operation page.  If you are considering a small wind generation system for your home evaluate wind power to get a good idea of what is involved with such a project.

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