The Energy Detective Dashboard

The Energy Detective dashboard, called Footprints, is compatible with the original TED 1000 series and the newer TED 5000 energy monitor.  One channel is standard and two are optional with the TED 1000 while the TED 5000 can monitor up to four including alternative energy generation. Each channel measures standard 120/240 volt split phase wiring with two current transformers or CT's.

The Energy Detective dashboard consists of nine panels.  The top center panel displays live power levels with an automotive type speedometer.  Other panels show use since midnight, use to date, estimates for the month, voltage, average daily use and even current weather for your zip code.

Data can be viewed in kilowatt-hours, dollars or carbon footprint and the green-yellow-red color coding can be scaled to match the usage in any home.  Channels can be combined to aggregate, left to stand alone or set to net alternative energy generation against load.

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TED Footprints Dashboard
The Energy Detective Footprints Software Dashboard

The Energy Detective system uses a measurement transmission unit or MTU to collect voltage and amperage data.  Each MTU serves one of four channels on the TED 5000.   The upper left hand panel gives options to view each MTU independently or as they are grouped under the NET button.  Data can be displayed as kilowatt-hours, dollars or carbon foot print.

The power meter panel provides a live feed of the power being measured.  Actual response time, from personal experience, is generally 5-10 seconds.  Turn on a device and watch the needle move almost immediately.  Demand power in kilowatts, reactive power in kilovolt-amps and power factor can also be displayed in this panel.

The upper right hand panel lists daily peaks for kilowatts, cost and min/max voltage readings in the upper half.  The lower half lists the same information except it covers the month or billing period to date.

The Energy Detective Footprints software offers another window under the graphing tab that displays data in bar charts or line graphs across a variety of time periods.  Of particular interest is the "Second View Live" option which records power and voltage for each MTU in a line graph.   Refreshing every couple of seconds output from each MTU is displayed dynamically.

Ted Footprints Dynamic Graphing
Graphing Screen Showing a 1500 Watt Load Turn On and Off

In this example, a 1500 watt space heater is turned on and back off after a few seconds to show how the load is reflected in the chart.  Two out out three panels (teal lines) and total load (blue line) respond to the power consumed by the space heater.  The third green line represents another panel that is not affected by the load.  Voltage is monitored with the red line above.

Another way to view data is through the history table which provides hourly detail for the past two days, a daily summary for the past two weeks and a monthly summary for the past two years. All data tables can be exported to an MS Excel spreadsheet for further analysis or archiving.

TED Footprints History Tables
The Energy Detective Footprints History Tables Showing Hours, Days and Months

Historical data can be viewed by the total (NET) or individual measurement points (1,2,3).  On the right-hand panel, today's hourly usage and cost are compared with yesterday's data.  At the end of the day the total rolls into the lower left-hand panel where this week's daily usage and cost are compared with last week's.   When the billing period concludes, totals for the month are posted into the upper left hand panel which records 24 months of history.

The Energy Detective Footprints software also offers the ability to load profile.   This means specific loads can be tracked according to their on-off signature.  It works well with large simple loads such as a hot water heater but has difficulty in recognizing more complex signatures such as a variable speed heat pump.  When it comes to energy cost tracking the software is flexible in that it supports flat, tiered and time-of-use rates.

For additional information please visit the TED 1000 or the TED 5000 product specification tables on our Smart Meters page.

Do you have a TED 1000 or TED 5000?

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