Single Point Monitor Comparisons

A single point monitor simply measures power at one location. This is typically where the primary feeders from the utility meter enter the main circuit breaker panel. They differ from energy meter readers because they gather data from independent measurements rather than simply reread what the utility meter has recorded.

Single point monitors offer the lowest cost option amongst whole house energy monitors. This is generally OK if one simply wants to sub-meter an apartment or have a summary of total energy use. However, these monitors have limited capability when it comes to quantifying the amount of energy used by a specific appliance or circuit.

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Single Point Monitors

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Purchase Cent-A-Meter Monitor

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Model TED 1000 Cent-A-Meter Efergy E2 Owl CM119
Manufacturer or Distributor Energy, Inc. Centameter Efergy Tech. Ltd. 2 Save Energy Ltd.
Main: 240 V (2-pole)
Aux: 120 V (1-pole)
1001: 1 Main
1002: 2 Mains
1 Main 1 Main 1 Main
Single Phase Yes Yes Yes Yes
Three Phase No No No Yes w/add. CT
Voltage Range 85-140 V Line 110-250 V Selectable Preset 110-400 V
(Voltage not Measured)
Preset 110-250 V
(Voltage not Measured)
Current Range of CT's 0-400 Amps
(100 A/CT Max.)
0-71 Amps 0-200 Amps 0-71 Amps
Accuracy +/- 2% +/- 5% >3 A.
+/- 10% 1-3 A.
+/- 10% +/- 5% >3 A.
+/- 10% 1-3 A.
Resolution 10 watts n/a n/a n/a
Web Server Location No Web Server No Web Server No Web Server No Web Server
Communicaton to Display Power Line Carrier Wireless
433 Mhz
433.52 Mhz
433 Mhz
Communication to Computer  USB None USB for Data Export only None
Analysis Software Footprints
None Data Download and Graphing None
Data Logging Capacity Up to 13 Months None 64K Internal Day/Wk./Mo.
Energy Cost Displayed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Source Line Voltage to MTU, 120 V Adapter to Display Trans: 3 x AA
Recv: 3 x AA or
6 V DC Adapter
3 x AA
3 x AA Sender
3 x AA Display
or 6 V DC Adapter
Operating System Compatibility PC, Mac, Linux n/a PC n/a
Size (HxWxD") n/a Transmitter:
3.4x3.4x1.0" Sender 4.5x3.1x1.6"
Display 4.6x4.2x1.2
Weight <1 lb Transmitter:
6.9 oz
10 oz
<1 lb Sender 3.9 oz
Display 5.8 oz
Documentation UserManual Manual User Manual User Guide
Special Features TED the Toolbar
FREE Download Monitors Live Data
on FireFox Toolbar
Low Cost Monitor Low Cost Monitor 3-phase for Europe
and TOU Rates

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If you have developed a single-point monitor system or know of one that is commercially available in the U.S. and not listed on this page, please contact us if you would like to have it evaluated for inclusion on this site.

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