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The Power Panel Profiler is a tool you can use to become your own home energy auditor.  It is an MS Excel workbook that allows you to analyze all of the loads going into a 40 circuit, 200 amp electrical panel down to the last outlet. Use it as a tool to gather and organize the data you collect with your energy monitoring equipment.

Circuit Breaker Panel From the data you enter, the program will calculate the kilowatt hours flowing through each breaker and roll it up into the entire electrical load for your home.   This circuit by circuit information will reflect the true content of your electric bill in very fine detail.

Using an energy monitor and a plug-in meter you will discover things that can be shut off, locations for power strip timers, dimmer applications, lighting changes and many other cost effective energy saving ideas.

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When the download in complete, unzip the file, and save it as a master file. Make copies of the master to build different profiles, especially if your electrical usage fluctuates seasonally. Be sure to save the completed profiles to use as a bench mark or baseline to test new energy saving ideas.

Click here for detailed instructions about how to collect and enter electrical information into the Profiler.  Similar instructions can also be found within the program after it has been downloaded.

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