Multi-Point Monitor Comparisons

The multi-point monitor provides energy measurement at the service entrance to the home and features additional channels that are used track sub-panels, larger appliances or alternative energy power generation.  Assignment of current transformers, or CT's, to specific loads is done within the software during the set-up process as well as how the data will be aggregated.

When evaluating a multi-point monitor pay close attention to the channel configuration as this will determine how many and which kinds of loads can be measured.  Sizing an energy monitor to match the number of appliances or loads you wish to track is an important part of the selection process.

In the table below we designate channels as main or auxilliary.   A main channel has two CT inputs and serves 240 volt split phase loads.  Auxilliary channels have only one input and serve 120 volt loads.   Some units allow auxilliary channels to be combined to measure 240 volt split phase or 277 volt 3-phase power.

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Multi-Point Monitors

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Purchase eGauge Energy Monitor

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Model TED 5000 eGauge PowerSave
Manufacturer or Distributor Energy, Inc. eGauge Systems, LLC PowerSave, Inc.
Main: 240 V (2-pole)
Aux:  120 V (1-pole)
4 Main 1 Main, 10 Aux
(12 total)
10 Main
Wireless transmitter & CT's req'd. for each channel
Single Phase Yes Yes Yes
Three Phase No, Future Product Yes Yes - 208 V.
277 V. w/ Multiplier
Voltage Range 85-140 V. per Line 85-277 V. per Line
3 Channels
Pre-set, No Voltage Measurenment
Current Range of CT's 0-400 Amps
across 2 Panels
(100 A /CT Max)
0-3,000 Amps
Depends on Load
200 Amp CT's
Accuracy +/-2% n/a n/a
Resolution 1 Watt 0.10 Watt n/a
Web Server Location Local Local w/Lifetime
Free Access via
Local w/3rd Party Software, Remote w/Web Bridge
Communicaton to Display Power Line Transfer
to Gateway, Zigbee to Display
No Display Available Wireless.
433 Mhz SRD Band
Communication to Computer Ethernet Home Plug Ethernet Adapter USB or
Web Bridge
Analysis Software TED Footprints
See Dashboard
Built-in w/Free Lifetime Upgrades
See Dashboard
Various 3rd Party Options
Data Logging Capacity Up to 10 years
+ .csv downloads to MS Excel
1 yr. @ 1 Min Interval,
30 yrs. @ 30 Min Int.
Up to 7 Years w/ PC Link
Energy Cost Displayed Yes No Yes
Power Source Line Voltage to MTU
& Gateway, 120 V
Adapter to Display
Line Voltage Display -
AC/DC Adapter
Transmitter -
2 D Batteries
Operating System Compatibility PC, Mac, Linux PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet
Alternative Energy Metering Yes Yes Yes
Carbon Footprint Displayed
Yes Yes Yes
Size (HxWxD") Display w/Base
4.25 x 4.0 x 2.75
6.9 x 3.2 x 1.9 Display w/Base
Weight < 1 lb 8.8 oz n/a
Documentation Installation
User Manual
Data Sheet
Envi Brochure
Installation Manual
Special Features TED the Toolbar
FREE Download
Monitors TED data live on your Firefox Toolbar
3-phase Capability
Can Serve Small
Comm. & Ind. Markets
Up to 10 wireless x-mitters of 1, 2 or 3 phases feed display.

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If you have developed a multi-point monitor system or know of one that is commercially available in the U.S. and not listed on this page, please contact us if you would like to have it evaluated for inclusion on this site.

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