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The Home Energy Blog is a mini-journal about updates and changes to this site.  It lets you know about new pages, new products, Meter Messenger e-zine publications and energy saving ideas when they appear.  Be sure to include it in your favorite RSS feeder to stay abreast of the latest dynamic changes in this emerging technology.

Energy Monitor Store

The Energy Monitor Store delivers great prices for eMonitor, TED 5000, TED 1000, Brultech, eGauge, Envi, Blueline Innovations, Owl and many other home electricity monitors.

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Power Factor Principles

Power factor explained for single-phase residential power showing impact of reactive currents and calculations on how to correct.

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Energy Monitor Dashboard Displays

Home energy monitor dashboard displays for Brultech, EcoDog, eGauge, eMonitor and TED Footprints software are explained in detail.

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Metering Alternative Home Energy

Metering strategies described for alternative home energy sources which include solar photo voltiac, solar thermal, wind power and micro-hydro turbine generation.

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Home Energy Monitor

Home energy monitor systems measure electricity with single-point, multi-point or circuit level monitors. Learn how to select the best system for your home.

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Metering Solar Power Panels

Metering solar power panels can be done accurately with home energy monitors that can measure alternative energy generation.

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New Energy Monitors for 2013

Check out the TED-Pro and Brultech Green Eye monitors in our latest Meter Messenger E-zine. Both support 3-phase power and have a lot of new features.

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Cool Your Hot Water Bill

Our latest Meter Messenger gives tips on how to reduce your hot water energy cost, discusses the potential of energy monitor rebates and gives some fundamental definitions about electrical energy.

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Energy Monitor Alerts

March-April Meter Messenger:
1. Learn how energy monitor alerts can be a big help, especially if you have a small business.
2. Energy metering stands on its own regardless of recent green energy fauxpas.
3. Suggestions on getting started with your own energy monitoring system.
4. 10 great energy saving tips.

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EcoDog FIDO Energy Advisor Review

I looked at different electric monitoring systems and selected the FIDO Energy Advisor by EcoDog because I could monitor at the breaker level and all of

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Best Selling Systems

The Energy DetectiveThe TED 5000 offers a great whole house monitor at very a reasonable cost.

TED 5000 Energy MonitorBuy Direct at $239.95

Sitesage offers circuit level detail and great Cloud based analytics.

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