Energy Monitor Dashboard Displays

All computer based home energy monitor systems display data through an energy monitor dashboard or graphical user interface.  Since this interface is what you see every time you view energy data on your computer, choosing the one that best suits your needs should be an important part of your energy monitor buying decision.

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Shown below is a table of some of the top selling energy monitor systems in the U.S. which display an energy monitor dashboard.  Clicking on any one of these will take you to a page that explains how the graphical user interface analyzes and displays the energy data that it records.  These screen shots comprise just a sample of what each system has to offer.

In an effort to provide more quality information to our viewers we invite your comments, critiques or reviews on any of the energy monitor systems presented here.  We want to add your experience, good or bad, to our energy monitor dashboard discussion.  Just look for the "Add Your Comments Box" on any of the pages listed below, let us know what you think and we'll make it part of this site!

Energy Monitor Dashboards are listed alphabetically...

Brultech 1240 ECM Software

As a stand alone unit Brultech Model 1240 is considered to be a multipoint home energy monitor as it offers seven different channels for collecting energy data.   Brultech's ECM software can chain up to six 7-channel modules together and accept up to four additional pulse inputs which also qualifies it as a circuit level monitor.   The software can track energy usage for each channel as shown here in the stacked bar chart.

Brultech Product Specs.

Brultech Stacked Bar Chart - Hourly
Brultech Stacked Barchart - Hourly Energy Use

eGauge Dashboard

The eGauge monitor tracks up to 12 channels and can be used with 3-phase power.   It's energy monitor dashboard does a nice job of tracking alternative energy generation along side grid power consumption.  Live power levels show what portion of total load is met with alternative generation at the moment.  Energy is tracked by source over an adjustable timeline.  Credits from alternative energy are netted against grid power in a simple table to keep track of any power you sell back to the grid.

eGauge Product Specs.

eGauge Alternative Energy Generation Tracking
eGauge's Alternative Energy Generation Tracking

Sitesage System

The Sitesage is a circuit level monitor built from 12 or 24 channel modules which can be linked to track over 200 circuits, some even to the plug level.   The dashboard software resides on eMonitor's servers so it is always up to date but requires a paid subscription to access.   Dashboard circuit level detail provides not only energy data, but offers recommendations on how to reduce consumption.  Smart phone apps make the mobile Sitesage dashboard accessible from most anywhere.

Sitesage Product Specs.

Sitesage Dashboard Serves Multiple Apps
Sitesage Dashboard Serves Multiple Apps

The Energy Detective

The Energy Detective, or TED, Footprints software is compatible with the original TED 1000 series and the newer TED 5000 model.  One or two channels are available with the TED 1000 while the TED 5000 can monitor up to four including alternative energy generation.  The primary display consists of nine panels with the top center displaying power use like an automotive speedometer.  Other panels show use since midnight, use to date, estimates for the month, etc.  Data can be viewed in kilowatt-hours, dollars or carbon footprint and the green-yellow-red color coding can be scaled to match the usage.  

TED 1000 Product Specs.

TED 5000 Product Specs.

TED Footprints Dashboard
TED Footprints Energy Monitor Dashboard

Latest Updates...

Best Selling Systems

The Energy DetectiveThe TED 5000 offers a great whole house monitor at very a reasonable cost.

TED 5000 Energy MonitorBuy Direct at $239.95

Sitesage offers circuit level detail and great Cloud based analytics.

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