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The eMonitor is a circuit level energy monitor, built from 12 or 24 channel modules, which can be linked to track over 200 circuits - some even to the plug level.   The dashboard software resides on the manufacturer's server so it is always up to date but requires a subscription to access.

Dashboard circuit level detail provides not only energy data, but offers recommendations on how to reduce consumption.  Smart phone apps make the mobile dashboard accessible from most anywhere.

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Powerhouse Dynamics, the system's manufacturer, has developed a versitile dashboard that will display on a PC, iPad or most smart phones. It resides on their server and requires a small monthly subscriptiion fee to access but delivers a plethora of circuit level energy data to anywhere you want to view it.

eMonitor Dashboard Server Multiple Apps
eMonitor Dashboard Serves Multiple Apps

Having placed the mobile apps in operation ahead of time, Powerhouse Dynamics positioned itself to essentially be unaffected by the discontinuation of Google PowerMeter in September 2011.

Let's take a look at how this dashboard breaks down residential energy information into circuit level detail.

eMonitor Dashboard Server Multiple Apps
eMonitor Dashboard Features

The upper dashboard panel shows a real time power meter, automotive speedometer style and a list of what circuits and appliances are contributing to that immediate load.   The right hand side of the panel shows the carbon footprint and compares it to state averages.

The second panel provides a pie chart which reveals the most power hungry circuits at a glance.   To the right is energy cost data that shows how much is being spent and what it is being spent on.  The green bars show total month to date energy cost and the gold bars quantify the top three contributors to that cost.

The third panel shows a summary of monthly or annual usage on the left. This data can be broken down to the minute-by-minute level on the right to help understand patterns and identify spikes. The data displayed here can reflect an all up summary or be viewed by individual circuit or appliance.

The fourth panel has been expanded below for greater clarity.

eMonitor Top 20 Circuits
Power Usage of Top 20 Active Circuits   - Courtesy Energy Circle

This graph tracks the top 20 active power consuming circuits.  As appliances are switched on and off the circuit list to the left changes as well as the graph. Hovering the mouse over a specific time will show what load was recorded for each circuit.  Drag-zoom and circuit show-hide toggle features assist with further analysis.

The eMonitor mobile app will work on iPads, iPhones and Android devices.   The app accesses data from the Powerhouse Dynamics server which collects minute-by-minute updates from the module(s) installed in one's home.  Lag time is reported to be a bit longer for mobile devices than networked PC's.

The mobile dashboard provides power meters for load as well as alternative energy generation. Top power consuming circuits are also displayed and energy cost data can also be accessed.

If you would like to learn more about the eMonitor please visit the product specification table on our Smart Meters page, view an end user video or check our the reviews below.

Mobile App Dashboard
Mobile App Dashboard

Do you have an eMonitor?

How easy was it to set up? How well does the software work? Have you been able to reduce your energy bill? Share your story and we'll make it part of this site!

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