EcoDog FIDO Energy Advisor

EcoDog offers a circuit level energy monitor in 16-circuit modules. The FIDO Energy Advisor software can track up to 1024 circuits meaning you could link up to 64 modules.

The software offers a unique feature where you can map out your home's floor plan and drag and drop icons for the various circuits you are measuring. When the icon is clicked, energy data for that circuit is displayed.

Purchase EcoDog Energy Monitor System
Purchase EcoDog Energy Monitor System

The FIDO Energy Advisor software features standard floor plans, or you can create your own, which allow you to drag and drop icons of monitored devices into their respective room.  When you click on the icon, electrical usage data and charts appear for that specific device.

Ecodog FIDO Floorplan
FIDO Energy Advisor Floor Plan Shows Energy Data by Device

In addition to locating a monitored device in the appropriate room on the floor plan, the horizontal bars provide the on/off status of each device.   Alternative energy generation can also be tracked as denoted by the solar array icons in the lower right hand corner.

As alternative energy is generated it is tracked against load and power drawn from the grid as shown in the following section of the FIDO Energy Advisor dashboard:

Ecodog FIDO Energy Tracking Graph
EcoDog FIDO Dashboard - Energy Tracking Graph

Along the base of the dashboard is a flexible time line showing energy use over an extended period. The blue shading in the middle of the time lines acts as a magnifying glass. Data within the boundary of the blue shading enlarges above.

In the expanded section, the blue columns above represent electrical load and the yellow columns alternative energy production.  The green line represents net energy or blue minus yellow  When the green line is within the the yellow columns, alternative energy production exceeds load and excess power can be sold back to the grid.  When in the blue section, power is being drawn from the grid.

A utility rate schedule database is accessed by the FIDO Energy Advisor to calculate energy cost information.  For additional information about this system please visit the Product Specification tables on our Smart Meters page or check out the reviews below.

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