Pricing Disclaimer

In an effort to comply with recent disclaimer regulations regarding product recommendations and endorsements we must disclose to you that we have an affiliate relationship with some of the websites that we link to for product and pricing information.  This affiliate relationship simply means that we are paid a small commission for products sold to the customers we send to such sites. There is no difference in the price to you as a result of this commission.

This revenue is a key ingredient of our Home Energy business model. It allows us to build a technically sound site that provides you with the tools and knowledge to reduce your home energy costs through metering.  This is achieved with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

We also save you time by searching out quality products at first rate sites so you can rest assured knowing your on line purchasing experience will be a pleasant one.

As part of this disclaimer, please know that your purchasing transaction will be directly with the site to which you are linked.  No personal information will pass through or be retained by Home Energy when a transaction is executed with one of these sites.

You do have a choice.  We encourage you to use our site to initiate your on line purchases of home energy metering equipment so we can continue to maintain and grow the quality content of this site.

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