Circuit Level Monitor Comparisons

The circuit level monitor is constructed with modules that each contain a fixed number of channels.   These modules can run as a stand alone monitor or be linked together measure as many circuits as desired.   Modularity gives one the choice to balance cost with the number of circuits to be measured.  To qualify for this category the system must be capable of measuring every breaker pole in a standard 200-amp, 40-circuit panel.

Measuring every circuit in the home requires a separate current transformer or CT to be installed for each 120 volt circuit or two for every 240 volt circuit.  Software must track energy data for each of these circuits.  Some packages even have the ability to make energy saving recommendations based on usage patterns.

Even though a circuit level monitor is normally priced higher than a single or multi-point monitor, the level of detailed data it delivers can provide additional energy savings.  In many cases, this will result in a similar pay back period with greater long term savings, especially in larger homes.

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Circuit Level Monitors

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Purchase Brultech Model 1240
Model FIDO eMonitor BrulTech Model 1240
Manufacturer or Distributor Ecodog, Inc. Power House
Dynamics, Inc.
BrulTech Research, Inc.
Main: 240 V (2-pole)
Aux: 120 V  (1-pole)
8 Main or
16 Aux. per Module
(64 Modules, 1024 Circuits Max.)
eMonitor 12
2 Main, 10 Aux.
eMonitor 24
2 Main, 22 Aux.
Combine for 100+ Circuits Max.
2 Main, 10 Aux.
per Module
(6 Modules,
84 Circuits Max.)
Single Phase Yes Yes Yes
Three Phase No c-Series
In Development
No, Future Product
Voltage Range 105-130 V 85-140 V Line 0 - 600 V
PT Req>130V
CT Sizes 20, 50
and 150 Amp
20, 50
and 150 Amp
40, 60, 80,
100 and 200 Amp
Accuracy Current <+/-2.5%
Voltage <+/- 0.1%
n/a +/-3%
Resolution 0.10 watt n/a n/a
Web Server Location n/a - Not IP Based Powerhouse Dynamics Monitoring Service on Remote Server Local w/
ECM Software
Communication to Display n/a, No Display
PC Only
LCD Display in Main Module n/a, No Display
PC Only
Communication to Computer  Power Line Carrier from monitor to network adapter,
Serial or USB to PC
Ethernet, Zigbee for device control RS-232 to USB or Ethernet, Wireless Opt.
Analysis Software FIDO Energy Advisor
See Dashboard
Energy Monitoring Service on Remote Server
See Dashboard
ECM Engine
See Dashboard
Data Logging Capacity Adapter: 45-100 days
PC: Unlimited
Not limited w/
monitoring service,
1 min update rate
Limited to Computer
Hard Drive
Energy Cost Displayed Yes Yes Yes
Power Source Line Voltage Line Voltage Line Voltage
Operating System Compatibility PC, Mac PC, Mac, iPhone, Android PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android
Alternative Energy Metering Yes Yes Yes
Carbon Footprint Displayed Yes Yes Yes
Size (HxWxD") Monitor: 8.5x6.5x4.3
Adapter: 6.0x2.8x2.2
Main Module
8.8 x 4.25 x 1.75
Weight Monitor: 1.6 lbs
Adapter: 1.1 lbs
n/a n/a
Documentation Installation Manual Installation Blog FAQ's
Special Features Floor Plan Device Map,
Abnormal Usage Alerts,
Rate Sched. Database
Abnormal Usage Alerts,
Zigbee wireless for
future display and
control of devices
Software can connect up to 6 modules and accept up to 4 pulse inputs.

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If you have developed a circuit level monitor system or know of one that is commercially available in the U.S. and not listed on this page, please contact us if you would like to have it evaluated for inclusion on this site.

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