Brultech Model 1240

As a stand alone unit Brultech Model 1240 is considered to be a multi-point home energy monitor as it offers seven 2-line channels for collecting energy data.   The ECM dashboard software can chain up to six of these modules together and accept up to four additional pulse inputs.  In this configration it is a circuit level monitor with the ability to track more than 40 different circuits simulteneously.

Purchase Brultech Model 1240
Purchase Brultech Model 1240

Regardless of the number of modules you chain together, the ECM dashboard software can keep track of each circuit being monitored.  A CT or current transformed must be installed in the circuit breaker panel to track each load while separate gas and water meters must be installed to provide pulse data.  This raw data is transformed into actual usage by hour and displayed as a stacked bar chart that shows which circuits use the most energy and when they use it.

Brultech Stacked Bar Chart by Hour
Stacked Bar Chart Showing Individual Circuit Loads by Hour  - Courtesy BT

Hourly electrical usage by circuit can be summarized into a variety of different time frames.   For example, a daily timeline shows energy usage by panel or circuit over the period of a week.   Monthly and annual summaries can also be displayed.

Brultech Weekly Stacked Bar Chart
Stacked Bar Chart Showing Individual Circuit Loads by Day  - Courtesy BT

The figure below shows a table of energy usage, cost and carbon footprint by circuit.   The calendar is used to select the time period for the data in the table and the devices are assigned to specific channels and edited in the upper right hand panel.

Brultech Power Usage Table
Data Table Showing Energy Usage, Cost and CO2 Footprint by Circuit  - Courtesy BT

The ECM software displays shown here are just a sample of energy analysis tools the system provides.  If you would like more information about this energy monitor system please visit the product specification tables or check out the reviews below.

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