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Home Energy Savings by Monitoring Save energy by when you install an electricity monitor in your home.  Reduce electric bills by 10 to 25 percent!  We'll show you how to select the latest in home energy metering technology, set it up and use the data to save money.

"Measurement Validates Conservation" is our slogan.   You can not improve what you do not measure!  Electricity cannot be seen so we must use tools to measure, manage and conserve it.  Metering is the key to long term energy savings.

Why monitor energy?  Start here to get a good understanding of how to use an electric meter system to save energy.  Learn why displaying live energy data in a prominent location is paramount in creating an energy conservation mind-set.

Compare the different types of home electric meter systems available.   Whole house energy monitors offer the most features.   Product comparison tables for single-point, multi-point and circuit level energy monitors organize all the technical specifications so it will be easy for you to decide on the type of energy metering system that will work best for you.

If you are just getting started with energy measurement, simple, inexpensive plug-in meters are very useful.  They will teach you the basics of how to save energy.  If you elect to install a whole house energy meter system in the future they can provide supplemental plug load information to make your home energy audit more precise.

You can really save energy by doing a thorough home energy audit.  This process organizes your energy usage information by circuit.  When you make changes, the audit provides a baseline for you compare how well your ideas really save electricity.

To make this process easier, we have a great tool to help you keep everything organized called the Power Panel Profiler.  It's FREE when you sign up for our E-zine called the Meter Messenger.

The Meter Messenger helps you stay abreast of the latest changes in the home electric meter market.  New products, metering ideas and energy saving tips are featured along with links to the key features on this site.  Issues are published bi-monthly and back issues can be viewed here.

Power quality is becoming a greater concern as people add new electronic equipment in their homes.  This equipment needs clean power to run smoothly but the AC-DC power supplies each device uses can reduce power factor and introduce harmonics into your household wiring.

Alternative home energy is going mainstream in the residential market.  Solar power panels, solar thermal, wind generation and micro-hydro turbines are all viable options when the resource is abundant and electricity rates are high.  If you are able to generate electricity from alternative energy sources, tracking output is very important if you are selling power back to the grid.

Deploy energy saving ideas to maximize your home energy savings and use your home energy meter to track the results.  We delve into the home's primary energy hogs; heating and cooling, hot water systems and home lighting by showing you how to use energy monitors to determine which ideas will reduce electric bills best.

Our goal is to provide you with a resource that can answer questions about how an electric meter can save energy in your home.  Knowing what products are available and how to use them will arm you with the strategies needed to reduce electric bills now and well into the future.

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Best Selling Systems

The Energy DetectiveThe TED 5000 offers a great whole house monitor at very a reasonable cost.

TED 5000 Energy MonitorBuy Direct at $239.95

Sitesage offers circuit level detail and great Cloud based analytics.

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